Pre-Serve-It! Can Some Jam|VIP SEEN Magazine

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Got Jam?  Do you have fond memories of your mom or grandmother in the kitchen peeling and dicing apples for apple butter?   Or perhaps you remember the sweet aroma of simmering berries on the stove as she was preparing to can your favorite jam?  The sound of jostling jars, rattling pot bands and the sudden unexpected pop of sealed lids are all part of the home canning experience.  Whether you call it canning, putting up, or preserving, it’s all about savoring the season’s fruit to save and serving for later.  So gather your jars and fruits its time to Preserve It and Can some Jam!   RECIPE DEVELOPMENT, FOOD STYLING, PHOTOGRAPHY, and ARTICLE BY LIZ BUSHONG   Go to Blog for more information


Ingredients for Cranberry Apple Jam


Water bath method of canning


Canned jam

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