Mr. Sunshine Cupcakes

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Catch the Rays of summer at home in your own backyard with these easy to create fun food ideas for your kids.  Grab your shades and beach towel you are about to catch rave reviews for this summer time impromptu lunch fare featuring Mr. Sunshine Cupcakes! 

Happiness is...sunshine cupcake|

Mr. Sunshine Cupcakes

6-Baked Lemon Cupcakes-purchased or home baked

2-cups Lemon Frosting-purchased or homemade

1 cup black frosting- or 4.25 oz. tube of piping gel

20 Red gumdrops-large or small-2 for mouth

18 Orange gumdrops

18 Yellow gumdrops


Frost baked cupcakes with lemon frosting.

Sun-Rays: Lightly sprinkle sugar on work surface and roll each gumdrop 1/8” thick- flat oval using a rolling pin.  With sharp knife, cut thin sliver off top and bottom of each oval to make rectangles.  Cut each rectangle in half crosswise to make 2 squares if using large drops, or 1 square for small gumdrops.  Then cut the square in half making 2 triangles.

Arrange 3 gumdrop triangles of each color on top of frosted cupcakes creating a triangle edge for sun-rays.   Fill piping bag fitted with small tip or clip a zip-lock bag corner with black frosting and pipe sunglasses on cupcakes.  Or use the piping gel.  Roll and cut 2 red gumdrops into small shape for mouth or use red piping gel.


Cupcakes inspired by Big Book Cupcakes-Betty Crocker

Yields: 6 cupcakes