Mary Bruce’s Garden Party

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Diggin up the dirt…here’s the scoop!


Floral Cupcake Centerpiece: Arrange three glass pedistal cake plates, large, medium, and the smaller one on top.  Cover pedestals with decorative flower leaves, like rose petals.  Place cupcakes in 4″ clay pot saucers.  Arrange on cake pedestal stand.
Plate Display:   Place white plate on colorful round placemat. Lay pair of garden gloves onto center of plate, arrange silverware on top of garden gloves.  Add small cup of garden dirt (crushed oreos ) to side of glove and seed packet.  Place green m & m’s on their side to represent sprouting seeds.  Position “personalized ” plant stake in dirt cup for assigned seating.
Ladybug and Lilly Cupcake:   Frost cupcakes with buttercream frosting of your color choice.  Fill a quart sized zip lock bag with buttercream frosting, cut corner tip of bag with an inverted V.   Pipe flowers on top of cupcakes. (practice a few times before placing on actual cupcakes).  To make the ladybug , use red or yellow M & M’s, pipe chocolate buttercream frosting ontop of the flat side of  candy.  Pipe frosting to resemble the features of a ladybug. (see page 97 for Buttercream Frosting, page 47 for cupcakes).
To complete your garden theme, add various ” new garden tools ” and accessories of your choice.


ladybug_lily ladybug_cupcakes bruces_party_3_op_640x480 seed_packet