Just Desserts Cookbook

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Just Desserts anyone? In Liz’s first cookbook she provides the recipes for a veritable banquet of tasty desserts and sweet treats to tempt any palate.

Just Desserts began with an artist rendition of a chef’s hand holding a platter of tasty treats. That most creative and talented licensed artist, Sharon Neuhaus, just happens to be a friend of mine.
Asking Sharon for permission to use her atwork and with her acceptance encouraged me to write this cookbook on ‘Just Desserts.’

“Just Desserts” is temporarily out of print.
But many recipes are through out this website.


This cookbook contains several recipes that are not for those who desire to lose weight or for those who are watching their sugar, blood pressure and/or cholesterol.

But it is a cookbook for those who love to entertain and dazzle their friends and families with delicious, mouth watering and yummy desserts and dessert presentations.

The recipes are not difficult. Be sure to read the entire recipe before beginning to ensure you know how the ingredients will go together. There is an art to baking and the order of ingredients will make a difference in your success in making ‘Just Desserts’.

Before you dive in to whipping up some of these luscious desserts … there are a few things you need to know. The recipes are easy to prepare and the ingredients are “everyday” items … items you can find at most grocery stores.

I have included a special cooking tip section, various charts for creating
your very own designer … cupcakes,
cheesecakes, jelly roll sponge-type cakes, buttercream frosting variation recipes, pies and pastries, tortes and tarts, dessert coffees, special sauces and glazes.

Some cake recipes are made from scratch and others make use of cake mixes. You won’t find cookies and brownies in this book, but look forward to my upcoming books on ‘Just Cookies’, ‘Just Breads’, ‘Just Tea Parties’ and ‘Just Other’ … ideas to come.

Elegant Chocolate Torte

Elegant Chocolate Torte