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Red, white and blue Sassyscape
Create your own backyard vacation with this red, white and blue sassyscape. A Pond side picnic. Brightly colored boxes, bags and buckets are filled with make ahead picnic fare. Serve up a mouth watering muffaletta, a wedge of brie and a plate full of Gluten free Peanut Butter cookies, then relax and linger all day pond side. ... See More >>
Marshmallow Cream Cupcakes with Snowflakes or Melted Snowmen as Garnish
When the weather outside gets “frightful”….it’s time to warm up the kitchen and bake these delicious vanilla coconut marshmallow cupcakes with whipped cream frosting. See More >>
Daytime Tri-Cities
  Click here to watch the segment on using Black, White and Yellow color scheme for your sassyscapes TM See More >>
Smoky Mountain Boil
Shades of blue, white and turquoise with a hint of yellow, set the theme for our Smoky Mountain Boil my own version of the Low Country Boil.  It’s one pot cooking and served as a centerpiece. No Fish in this Dish, it’s all about market fresh vegetables & chicken sausage, seasoned with ham hock, chicken broth and local ... See More >>
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