K-9 Krum “pets”
K-9 Krum “pets” alias home-made dog bones are healthy and recipe has 4 different flavors. Your beloved pet will love these tasty treats. ( recipe adapted from Summer magazine 97)
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pumpkin pop & tart
Daytime Tri-Cities- Pumpkin Patch Party Ideas
To see more ideas about this fun harvest pumpkin party go to Media/television segments.
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Em-“bark” on a family celebration including your favorite 4 legged friend. While you are enjoying grilled hamburgers and hot dogs why not show your love-able pet how much you really care with a festive “pupcake “ ( alias beefy canine meatloaf complete with mashed potatoes) and special
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dog treat cupcakes
Dog Gone Good Cupcakes with Caramel Dog Bones
Doggie Treat Cupcakes were made by my friend Jill and I for her Vet, as a thank you gift for taking such good care of her dog  Chloe.  These were chocolate cupcakes with truffle filling then frosted with chocolate butter cream and garnished with caramel dog bones, & chocolate jimmies. Recipe instructions and idea adapted by Hello Cupcake.
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